People-Yihan Wang

Yihan Wang

Undergraduate Student

My name is Yihan Wang. I am a third-year Data Science major undergrad at UCI. My plan soon would be gaining some working experience in an IT company during the internship and later on further pursuing a higher degree in HCI or Health Informatics fields. To get a broader sight to decide my future career, I joined the Beier Lab in hopes of gaining more valuable experience in analyzing real-world data and practicing my coding skills. Being a Chinese international student who has been staying in the States since high school, I embrace the variety of cultures and enjoy every single moment in the study and experience the things of what I love. Traveling and photography can chill me out of the pressure shortly from the real world. Watching films also is a thing I would do to relax. Once I could find spare time in my busy life, I would choose to enjoy a classic movie with my friends or family.