Tina Nguyen

Research Technician

Originally from Vietnam, in 2017, I was halfway through medical school when I dropped out and moved to America. Realizing that research is a possible premed career path, I decided to pursue my B.S. in Neuroscience at UCLA. On the other hand, I hope the knowledge I gain from college can help answer my most frequently self-asked question:” Why on Earth did I do that?” My current research interest is the correlation between developmental neuroanatomy and the emotional maturing process. Joining Beier lab as a research technician, I mainly work on visualizing signals of circuits in rodent brains using light-sheet imaging, along with other project-based tasks. In my spare time, I usually find myself unwillingly overthinking existing situations and imagining new scenarios until I get bored, I then either go surfing or go turn some of those scenarios into reality.