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Lanting Li

Undergraduate Student

I am Lanting Li who is currently a senior undergrad major in Informatics in UC Irvine. I began to work for Beier Lab in summer 2019 and tried to get a brief knowledge in how to represent and manage biomedical data with the computer. I have accepted the offer from Harvard Medical School and will move to Boston in this summer to pursue a deeper understanding of biomedical informatics related areas as a master student. I am now determined to develop and implement an advanced, intelligent EHR system for better presentation and analysis of medical records and seek to learn more skills to conduct clinical informatics research. I hope that after I graduate as a Master, I can continue to study as a PhD candidate to keep pursuing my goal. I have been playing basketball since I was only 10. Thus, it is not surprising to see I am a huge fan of the NBA. While my favorite player is Kevin Durant, I watch the live games of not only the Brooklyn Nets but also other teams in my leisure time. I also enjoy cooking and watching music TV shows during dinner time.