Lab Personnel

Principal Investigator

Kevin T. Beier, PhD

Assistant Professor, Physiology & Biophysics, UCI Center for Learning & Memory, UCI Mind

B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007.

Majored in Biochemistry, Biology w/Neurobiology focus, Zoology, Molecular Biology, and French, and minored in leadership.

PhD, Harvard University, 2012.

With Dr. Connie Cepko.

Postdoc/Instructor, Stanford University, 2012-2018.

With Drs. Rob Malenka and Liqun Luo.

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Staff and Graduate Students

Guilian Tian

Guilian Tian, Project Scientist

Cindy Yamamoto, Project Manager

Lingxuan Chen, Project Scientist

Jenny Kiser, Lab Manager

Desiree Macchia, Graduate Student

Lizzy Hubbard, Graduate Student

May Hui, Graduate Student (MSTP)

Pieter Derdeyn, Graduate Student (MCSB)

Katrina Lee Bartas, Graduate Student (MCSB)

Jessica Moore, Graduate Student (BME)

Max Lin, Graduate Student (MSTP)

Jose Vasquez, Research Technician

Ghalia Azouz, Research Technician

Vivienne Mae Galinato, Research Technician

Bella Tyler, Research Technician

Undergraduate Students

Mehr Kaur Bawa, Biological Sciences

Christopher Tan, Biomedical Engineering

Robert Racy Pel, Biomedical Engineering

Sophia Shaw, Computer Science Engineering

Yomal Perera, Computer Science Engineering

Ellie Donalson, Biological Sciences

Alisha Zhou, Biological Sciences

Isabelle Beltran, Biological Sciences

Katia Deynega, Biological Sciences

Enya Walker, Biological Sciences

Upuli Wickramarachchi, Biological Sciences

Zhayle Piurque, Biological Sciences

Jimmy Dinh, Biological Sciences

Erick Ho, Biological Sciences

Remal Kaur, Biological Sciences

Allana Geraty, Biological Sciences

Chloe Pak, Biological Sciences

Kavya Bhaskaran, Biological Sciences

Alex Huang, Biological Sciences


Fira Alim, Biological Sciences

Katherine Pappas, Biological Sciences

Linh Tran, Biological Sciences

Alicia Chhoy, Biological Sciences

Karina Tran, Biological Sciences

David Cho, Biological Sciences

Sherry Wu, Biological Sciences

Aya Musleh

Aya Musleh, Research Technician

Juhee Park, Biological Sciences and Business Economics

Nora Ayache, Biology (Saddleback College)

Ladan Bigdeli, Biological Sciences

Nina Aghakhani, Biological Sciences

Brandon Kuriki, Neurobiology

Elaine Wong, Biological Sciences

Kenny Nguyen, Biological Sciences

Brandon Tran, Biological Sciences

Yihan Wang, Data Science

Jungin Hong, Health Informatics

Tongjie Wang, Computer Science

Rita Shdid, Biological Sciences

Folake Aina, Biological Sciences

Sean Carroll, Biological Sciences

Mary-Ha Nguyen, B.S. in Biological Sciences

Jessica Oshiro, B.S. in Biological Sciences

Jessica Park

Anthony Tran, B.S.

Connie Lee, M.S. Biotechnology, J.D.

Lanting Li, Informatics