The UCI Public Impact Fellowship Competition was developed to support and highlight academically excellent students whose research demonstrates the potential to significantly improve or enrich the lives of people in California and beyond. Congratulations to Desiree Macchia for being named a Public Impact Distinguished Fellow and to May Hui for being named a Public Impact Fellow!

Desiree won the Judge’s Choice Poster award at the 2021 UCISOM Grad Day!

As a CHC Graduate Fellow, Lizzy will hold office hours in the CHC Office and will advise students who are embarking on undergraduate research about the research process, finding a faculty advisor, and how doing research can help you reach your goals. More information here

Zhu Z, Hubbard E, Guo X, et al. A connectomic analysis of deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression. Brain Stimul. 2021;14(5):1226-1233. doi:10.1016/j.brs.2021.08.010

Description of the Michael Davidson and Roger Tsien Commemorative Conference Award: Every two years, we seek applications for awards to early career scientists using fluorescent proteins in their research. These awards help early career researchers attend a conference of their choice while honoring the late Michael Davidson and Roger Tsien who have played enormous roles in the development and dissemination of fluorescent protein tools.

More news about the award here