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Congratulations to Desiree on being awarded the Inclusive Excellence Ambassador’s Fellowship, which will support her work mentoring incoming graduate students!

Congratulations to Lizzy on her receipt of the CNLM Jared M. Roberts Memorial Graduate Student Award! This award will fund Lizzy’s travel to the annual Winter Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Meeting at Park City, UT, where she will present her research investigating how neural plasticity induced by opioid withdrawal contributes to relapse. 

March 2020 Pieter Derdeyn joined the lab. Welcome Pieter!

Congratulations to Ladan, who was invited to present her Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program project investigating long-term memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease at the 2020 Undergraduate Research Spotlight! We are so proud of your hard work this year and excited to see you pursue your future goals!  

May’s beautiful pumpkin cake won the Best Tasting award at the Center for the Neuroscience of Learning and Memory Friendsgiving potluck!  

May and Aly presented at the UCI Brain Launch Whiteboard Brainstorming Session

September 2019: The Beier lab was recently awarded the prestigious NIH DP2 award! https://eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-10/uoc–urr100419.php https://som.uci.edu/news_releases/Beier-receives-directors-new-innovator-award.asp

June 2019 Desiree Macchia, Michael Toledano, Lizzy Hubbard, and Aly Rogers joined the lab.

April 2019 Guilian Tian, Sean Carroll, Jessica Park, Nora Ayache, and Anthony Tran joined the lab.