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Aly won a DTEI fellowship!

Aly won a UCI Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation fellowship! So happy to see her efforts be rewarded, she’s been doing an amazing job leading our undergraduate lab seminar/discussion course (informally called B-lab 101, now 102). Congrats Aly!!

Pieter Derdeyn wins the NSF GRFP!

Congratulations to lab superstar Pieter for winning a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) award in the Life Sciences – Artificial Intelligence group! The prestigious award will provide three years of funding for Pieter’s exciting work. 🙂 We’re proud of you!!

(Even more) recent awards

February 2020: Dr. Beier received a UCI Conte Center Seed grant to identify the neural circuits which mediate increased susceptibility to opiate addiction in individuals who experienced early-life adversity: https://contecenter.uci.edu/seed-grant-winners/ November 2019: Dr. Beier was awarded the NIH New Innovator Award for the project: Sculpting the Brain: High-Resolution Spatiotemporally-Controlled Modulation of Memories. https://commonfund.nih.gov/newinnovator/awardrecipients

(More) recent awards

September 2020: Dr. Beier was awarded the One Mind Rising Stars Award to investigate the neural circuits involved in the development of depression: https://onemind.org/rising-star-awards/ September 2020: Dr. Beier received a grant from American Parkinson’s Disease Association to study circuit-level pathology caused by dopamine depletion: https://www.apdaparkinson.org/research/investigators/kevin_beier/ July 2020: Dr. Beier received a Freedman Prize Honorable Mention […]

Congratulations to May for her Predoc fellowship award

Congratulations to May on being awarded the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program predoctoral fellowship! This Fellowship will provide three years of support for May’s investigation of the factors driving nicotine addiction. Did you know? Nearly 70% of tobacco users want to quit, but 90% of those who try fail! May’s work will help us understand why […]