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pathological forms of experience-dependent plasticity.

are encoded in the brain to enable both normal and

Our goal is to understand how we learn - how memories

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strategies to better map and manipulate neuronal circuits.

novel molecular reagents, including viral-genetic

Part of the lab will be focused on developing

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neural ensembles is changed in pathological states.

neural substrates of motivated behavior and how activity of these

The other major focus of the lab will be on elucidating the

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The lab will have four major areas of investigation:

1) Elucidating the neural substrates of drug addiction and identifying sources of individual addiction variability
2) Identifying & modulating molecules/circuits that promote behaviors associated with mood disorders such as anxiety and anhedonia
3) Mapping circuit pathology in neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers
4) Technology development to further our investigation of biological questions

Recent Publications

Beier KT, Gao XJ, Xie S, DeLoach KE, Malenka RC, Luo L, 2019. Topological organization of ventral tegmental area connectivity revealed by viral-genetic dissection of input-output relations. Cell Reports 26(1): 159-167.  PDF

Weber F, Do JPH, Chung S, Beier KT, Bikov M, Doost MS, Dan Y, 2018. Regulation of REM and non-REM sleep by periaqueductal GABAergic neurons. Nat Communications9(1): 354. PDF

Choi K, Holly E, Davatolhagh, Beier KT, Fuccillo MV, 2018. Integrated anatomical and physiological mapping of striatal afferent projections. European Journal of Neuroscience doi: 10.1111/ejn.13829. PDF


October 2019 May Hui joined the lab
September 2019: The Beier lab was recently awarded the prestigious NIH DP2 award!
June 2019 Desiree Macchia, Michael Toledano, Lizzy Hubbard, and Aly Rogers joined the lab.
April 2019 Guilian Tian, Sean Carroll, Jessica Park, Nora Ayache, and Anthony Tran joined the lab. 

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